Hello Omaha!
When I think of Omaha, I think about The American Dream. Yes, I am going to get cheesy here, but stay with me! The American Dream is the idea that “‘life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement’ regardless of social class or circumstances of birth.” (from Wikipedia)
To me, The American Dream is all about opportunity. I believe the American Dream is still alive in the Midwest – perhaps more so here than anywhere else in the country. As Midwesterners, we are both creative and practical. We have a heads-down, get-it-done work ethic, and a rich history of innovation and invention. And, our humble nature keeps us from bragging about our accomplishments, even when we’re doing incredible things.
Sometimes people ask me, “What is Do Space?” and I can’t blame them for asking, since there’s nothing like it in the country. Do Space is a lot of things – it’s a community tech library, a makerspace, a computer lab, and a community coworking space, all with ultrafast wifi and free tech learning for everyone. Do Space is kids working together to build circuits, senior citizens using FaceTime for the first time, career-changers getting help with job applications, and entrepreneurs launching the next big thing.
Ultimately, Do Space is opportunity. It’s an opportunity for the people of Omaha to create their future utilizing the free resources we have available here. It’s an opportunity for Omahans to learn and explore their world with technology – whether that’s prototyping their invention or sending an email for the first time.
This summer is the Summer of Invention at Do Space, and it’s your opportunity to challenge yourself to think bigger, try something new, and create positive change for yourself and for our community.
No matter what your #summergoals are, there’s a little something for everyone at Do Space in the months to come. This summer we’re launching Hello Code, Omaha’s first free code school for beginners. We’ll have invention-themed activities for people of all ages, Coworking Thursdays, and a Reinvent Yourself series for those looking for a new job or promotion.
And since Midwesterners don’t like to brag, let us do it for you! Share what you’re working on this summer on the iheartdospace.org website to enter into a chance to win a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet. Contest begins in June!
What will you accomplish this summer? Stay in touch, we want to hear from you! #dospace #summergoals
Take care,
Rebecca Stavick
Executive Director, Do Space
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Rebecca Stavick, Executive Director