Here at Do Space, we’re all about keeping up with the latest technology. That’s why we’ve leveled up our 3D Lab with a new 3D printer…introducing the new Lulzbot Taz Pro!

The Taz Pro features two active-lifting hot ends, meaning you now have the ability to print in two colors or materials at one time! It uses hardened steel components, meaning it can use more abrasive materials than a standard out-of-the-box 3D printers. Both rigid and flexible filaments can be used without the need to change tool heads. 

In addition to the dual-extrusion, the Taz Pro has a full color touchscreen LCD for easy control of the printer when not connected to a computer. It also is fully auto calibrating! This printer calibrates it’s 3 axes every time you start a print to give you the best results.

The possibilities are growing here at Do Space. 

CLICK HERE to schedule a time on the new Taz Pro

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Kristina Jonker, Community Technologist