Interning with Do Space has been a great experience and I am so happy to have had the opportunity thanks to the Girls Inc. College Bound Eureka Program. Girls who are in the Eureka program start preparing for college in seventh grade and this is my last year with the externship program. Last year, I interned with Charles Drew Health Clinic but this year I wanted to go in a different direction with Do Space.

I chose Do Space because I wanted to know what they do here. I knew they had a lot of tech equipment and I wanted to learn how to use all of it. I was really excited about getting the opportunity to work with children, which I got to do with the Programs team. With that, they’ve taught me how to use tech kits, the 3D lab, and how to run programs with kids.

The things I’ve wanted to learn here I have accomplished such as 3D printing, laser cutting, and saving to flash drives. 3D printing can be time-consuming but the outcome is rewarding. With the laser cutter, I was able to make a green and black paper lantern that hangs gracefully in my room. I don’t use flash drives often, but now I’m more confident using them thanks to Membership Clerk Caitlin. With my new found knowledge, I believe I can use this to be successful in my future.

With the help of Do Space, I can use this experience to put on my college applications. Learning about 3D printing is a good jumping off point for using technology in the medical field, which I plan on pursuing. I plan on telling girls at my school about the volunteer program here so they can get an experience like I did. We don’t know what the future will bring, however, I know I’m leaving Do Space with an open mind and more knowledge than what I came in with.

My time at Do Space has been informative and enlightening. I’ve learned better customer service skills, I’m more knowledgeable about the services they offer, and I’ve had a blast learning about everything. I will always have a home at Do Space.

About Author
Davia, Do Space Intern

My name is Davia, I’m 15 years old and I run track and play basketball. I want to go into the medical field and I believe tech will enhance the future of medicine.