One of the newest tech kits we’ve added to the Do Space shelves is the Kano Kit. Kano is a Raspberry Pi body with a proprietary OS designed for kids. The Kano is kid-friendly in every way. Part of the Kano experience is building the computer and the assembly directions are age appropriate and fun. Kids begin learning as soon as you open the box. The bootup process becomes an educational moment and from there on out kids can explore digitally created art, build an app or explore a videogame world based on coding principles. Kids can earn badges by finishing different projects and can compete with others on the same machine or over a wifi connection.

We’re excited to offer access to a Kano Kit because it provides a safe way to learn about how computers are built as well as how they’re programmed.

To use the Kano all you have to do is bring the tub labeled Kano to the Help Desk and they’ll get you set up.


About Author
Caitlin Lombardo, Community Learning Specialist
Caitlin is a graduate of UIowa and Mizzou but can be convinced to root for the Huskers. She is a librarian by education but feels right at home in Do Space as a Community Learning Specialist. She works to bring tech education to our youth programming in new and interesting ways.