Hello, my name is Paul Wrider, and I’m one of the Do Spacers currently helping to make our upcoming Omaha Mini Maker Faire on April 15th awesome!  Recently, I reached out to Frank Fu, one of our presenters at the faire, as well as a class instructor here at Do Space to find out more about what he has planned for the upcoming event:

Introduce Yourself! – Who are you and what do you do for fun/work/education, etc?
I am Frank Fu. I currently attend Brownell Talbot School and have a business doing graphic design and I also intern at an architectural firm aiding to model and design residential homes. I teach at Do Space and Metropolitan Community College and also have an online presence designing laser cut jewelry.

What do you make?
I have done some architectural laser cut projects to present and also some of my jewelry designs are on display. I also have created a topography and an architectural model of a house.

What are you planning to show at Do Space’s Mini Maker Faire?
I will present my topography and a laser cut bridge I have designed and some laser cut jewelry pieces I have selling on Etsy.

What are you looking forward to seeing at the Faire from other participants?
I am looking forward to see creative uses of 3D fabrication technology and laser cutting technology. Perhaps something completely new will be awesome.

What tech/maker-type stuff are you interested in getting in the future?
More VR for manipulation of objects would be cool, not just for gaming but for information technology and 3D modeling when you can see the 3D object as a projection when wearing the glasses. More laser cutters would also be a big plus.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Nope. I think the maker fair will be fun!

Thanks Frank!  Join us this Saturday, April 15th, from 9AM to 4PM to see his work on display and a lot more from other area creators.



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Paul Wrider
After fourteen years working in the video game industry in New York, California and abroad, Paul and his wife have returned to their native Midwest. He currently works at Do Space as a Community Learning Specialist, teaching and learning alongside his Teen Hackers. When not at Do Space he is a freelance web developer and amateur furniture refinisher.