William Kamkwamba

All William wanted was to have electricity for reading books after sunset. Instead, he became an internationally known role model for determination and inventive solutions by building a windmill—at age 14, while living in rural Malawi, with only library books as guides and junk bicycle parts for building material. Kind of makes you wonder what you’re doing with all your free time, doesn’t it?

Listen to his TED talk here: http://www.ted.com/talks/william_kamkwamba_how_i_harnessed_the_wind?language=en

David Cohen

As an eighth grader, David was learning about the earthworm muscular system in science class while tornado destruction was in the news. He wondered if a robot earthworm could be used in rescue efforts during natural disasters, locating people and delivering food, water and medicine. The idea made him a finalist in the Young Scientist Challenge sponsored by 3M and Discovery Education. And for his next trick, he’s working on an invention to eliminate mosquitos before they hatch.

Learn more about David’s robot here: http://www.usnews.com/news/the-next-generation-of-stem/articles/2015/05/12/texas-eighth-grader-builds-robots-to-combat-world-issues

Katherine Wu

Drowsy driving is, unfortunately, something almost everyone has experienced. Katherine noticed her mom reminding her dad to stay alert on a family road trip, and an idea bubbled up: a wearable device that could read brainwaves and warn solo drivers when it was time to take a break. Thanks, Katherine, many lives could be saved.

Now put your imagination to the test.

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