So, you’re brand new at Do Space and wondering what you should do on your adventures here. How do you proceed? Look no further than this blog to help you plan your first visit.

Talk to the Information Desk.
Do Space is a new and unique place. In fact, it’s the only one in the world! This means you may need some help understanding Do Space’s features and overall mission. That’s where the Information Desk comes in. Armed with knowledge and all the tools to get you started, this desk should definitely be your #1 stop. Just turn left from the entrance doors.

Create an account.
The Info Desk is also a great place to create your Do Space membership if you haven’t already registered yourself online. Membership is free. Your account grants you access to everything at Do Space. You can also sign up online. But, no matter how you sign up, be sure to pick up your card at the Info Desk. You can’t do anything without it!

Pick up a class schedule.
Both the Information Desk and the Tech Help Desk will have copies of the monthly schedules of events. Do Space features classes and workshops open to the public, and they are free with membership. Did you know that Do Space has an event almost every day? The monthly agenda can list off the events for you so you can plan ahead. A seat in the class can be reserved within two weeks of a class’ date by going to the online Do Space calendar.

Take a tour of the building.
With nothing else like it to compare to, a tour is a great place to start and get to know all the programs and services that we offer. So many labs and so much technology to see, there are endless possibilities for how you can use the space. That’s why at Do Space, you can tour the building at your own pace. The Information Desk is equipped with a self-guided tour sheet to help you. For large groups, we provided a limited amount of guided opportunities each week that you can apply for in advance.

Start your adventure.
Now that you have your membership card and a tour, you’re ready! Want to use a computer? You can find over 50 computers in the lab. Got youth? Visit the Active Learning Lab or Littles Lab. Interested in classes? Robots? Laser cutting? You will know what to do now. So, I look forward to greeting you at the Information Desk and welcoming you into our organization. Feel free to take some promotional materials home and share them with others.

See you soon!

About Author
Brian Feinhold, Membership Clerk
Brian is a Membership Clerk who doubles as the Dessert Chef for the Do Space team.