This time a year ago, HerHeadquarters was only in its design stage. I remember meetings, emails, and calls discussing the smallest details like which shade of blue to use and which icons would be clearer. Here we are, a year later, with a launched platform in four major cities – Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, and Omaha. 

While so much has happened in the past 12 months, these last 6 weeks have been epic. Our national user base has grown by 30% (Omaha user base has grown by 35%), we’ve secured 8 major press stories, and users are posting and collaborating. I’m proud of the momentum we’ve created. 

Are you an Omaha woman entrepreneur or freelancer within the Fashion, Beauty, Entertainment, Events, or Public Relations industries looking to secure local and national brand partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurs? Join us! We’re also looking for Omaha tech entrepreneurs and women technologists to join these collaborations. 

Experience HerHeadquarters today via direct download from Apple or Google app stores. Get started with our free version of the app or opt for a subscription with access to premium features.

HerHeadquarters 2.0

The most exciting part is hearing the feedback of users. Week after week, I spend time talking to users to hear what they love about the app, what they think is missing, and how they’re using it. This is my favorite part about being the founder — hearing from the women I do this for.  All of their feedback brings us to the exciting announcement that HerHeadquarters Version 2 is coming!

Today we went live with our campaign to help us cover the costs of developing and marketing version 2 of the platform. HerHeadquarters 2.0 offers more customization tools to our users and introduces new features that allow them to stay engaged with their favorite collaborators and make their overall collaboration experience more powerful. The iFundWomen campaign funding goal is to reach $15,000 to cover the costs of releasing Version 2. It’s an achievable goal with our major support system. Until we debut HerHeadquarters 2.0, make sure to check out 1.0.

I’d like to publicly thank Do Space for their profound support and guidance during my Women Innovators Fellowship with them. As one of HerHeadquarters’ biggest allies, they reinforce our favorite tagline: having an ally has never been so boss

Ready to learn more about HerHeadquarters and this year’s other Fellowship projects building new resources for local women in #tech and #business? Join me at the final Fellowship Showcase:

Women Innovators Fellowship Showcase. Wed. July 31st, 5:30 p.m., Do Space. RSVP Today! Click here.

About Author
Carina Glover, Do Space Fellow

Carina is a recipient of the 2019 Do Space Women Innovators Fellowship. She is building a mobile app called HerHeadquarters that will empower Omaha women entrepreneurs to collaborate with peers in LA, NYC, and beyond.