Did you grow up playing with a “Lite•Brite”? Do you dream in rainbows? Is color your life? Or do you just enjoy interacting with the latest technology? Answering yes to any of these questions means only one thing– you need to get down to Do Space and engage with our newest tech exhibit piece!

It’s called “Everbright” and we are ALL about it here. Basically what it is, and this is taken straight from the Everbright.com website, “It’s a large-scale interactive wall with illuminated dials. Each dial rotates endlessly through a spectrum of hundreds of colors. In a space where people would have been on their phones, they’re sharing a moment.”

(.gif provided by Theeverbright.com)

So that’s the simple definition, but the Everbright is so much more than that. It is beyond satisfying to start your brightly colored creations from a few turns a circle; every color flows effortlessly into the next. Its hues awakens your need for creation and you can’t help but to marvel at how it was so perfectly built. For being up in our Active Learning Lab we’ve already seen so many different people, ages, and backgrounds engage with it and come away making beautiful creations that are new and different every time. Next time you’re down here give it a twist and see how it can brighten up your day! Need more inspiration? Check out the video that the creators of the Everbright, Hero Designs, made by clicking HERE.

(Three incredible members of Do Space!)

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Rachel Evans, Operations Manager