Do Space is thrilled to announce that the Gilbert C. Swanson Foundation, Inc. has awarded our Kid Coders program a generous grant in support of all 2020 sessions, helping us to keep classes free and open to all. On behalf of the kids of Do Space, thank you!

Since June 2017, our free Kid Coders program has fostered interest in coding and computer science in over a thousand Omaha kids aged 6 to 12. Each month features a different coding-related project, from ‘unplugged’ programming concepts to hands-on time with software and robots.

During the month of March we are working with GLICODE, an educational application that turns every pack of Japanese Pocky candy sticks into a delicious coding lesson. Using advanced image recognition, the GLICODE app allows kids to lay out their Pocky sticks, capture them as a sequence, and watch in amazement as it translates their sequence into code that moves characters on their computer screens.

Kids are capturing images of Pocky sticks for the sequencing lesson, which teach them movements like going forward, backward and turn in right and left.
Kids capture images of Pocky sticks for the sequencing lesson, which teaches them to code movements like going forward, backward, and turning right and left.


Past Kid Coders sessions have focused on coding Edison Bots, game design with Micro:Bits, animation with Alice 3, and more. Using drag and drop coding software along with computers and other hardware, kids learn the basics of coding including sequencing, logic, and loops.

Offered every Tuesday from 5pm to 6pm for groups of up to 10 children and their guardians, Kid Coders provides vital educational and creative coding experiences to over 500 youth annually, helping to build new generations of inspired problem solvers, and tackling the coding gaps in local schools.


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Weston Thomson, Director of Community Learning

Weston is responsible for all community technology programs and events, and brings over ten years of education, management, and leadership experience to his position. His own maker work has been featured in local exhibitions and received multiple award nominations.