This summer, Do Space created its own passport for children to track their activities and potentially win one of three grand prizes! A passport, though, need stamps to mark where it has been. Thankfully, Fruitful Design was working on designing the passport and they made matching stamps.




Once the designs were finished, I could use the laser cutter to create rubber stamps. To prepare the designs to become stamps, I needed to invert the colors, so the laser would cut away the area around the stamps, leaving the designs as the only parts to collect ink from the inkpad. I also needed to flip the designs because the ink would leave a mirror image of the stamp (I forgot this on my first test run).




Once those tweaks were made, I was good to go! We bought a specialized rubber that could be used on the laser cutter. The laser cutter software even had a setting for this rubber, which made it easy for me.




I etched onto the rubber two times to make sure there was plenty of room between the stamp design and the base of the rubber. Then we cut out the stamps, attached them to a base, and were ready to stamp!

To learn more about how to participate in the Summer Passport program, please visit our announcement blog HERE.



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