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How Webberized Found Its Voice

Webberized, a husband-wife podcast production duo, isn’t just about creating podcasts – they’re passionate about empowering others to do the same. But their journey, like many entrepreneurial adventures, wasn’t without its bootstrapped beginnings. Richard Lewis and Margie Sturgeon, the team behind Webberized, met and bonded over their journalistic backgrounds while working at a local TV station. Their shared passion for storytelling eventually led them down the aisle and into a new venture: Webberized.

Finding Their Footing at Do Space

In May 2018, Webberized embarked on its mission to provide podcast recording and editing services. While they hadn’t secured their own studio yet, Do Space played a pivotal role in their early days. Their Do Space business membership granted them access to meeting rooms, which became their practice ground. Here, they honed their recording and editing skills by creating a few free podcast episodes.

Do Space wasn’t just a recording space for Webberized; it was a launchpad for their mission. Around this time, Margie also took advantage of the Start Omaha event where she was able to learn from other entrepreneurs and business community leaders. Margie, ever enthusiastic about the accessibility of podcasting, also started volunteering to teach introductory podcast workshops at Do Space. The low barrier to entry in podcasting resonated with her, and she found immense satisfaction in equipping others with the tools to tell their stories.

More Than a Podcast Studio, Do Space is a Community

Webberized’s story exemplifies the spirit of Do Space. It’s a testament to the power of a community that fosters creativity and provides resources for aspiring entrepreneurs.  Their experience highlights the value Do Space offers to Omaha’s creative minds, enabling anyone with a story to tell it.

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