For many entrepreneurs, finding the resources to take their big ideas to the next level can be a real challenge. Accessing things like business software, adequate workspace, office equipment and marketing materials can be pricey—especially for those just starting out.

But with a free Do Space membership, entrepreneurs have access to all those things and more. That’s why more and more small-business owners are turning to Do Space to create a startup company.

Here are six ways entrepreneurs can start, manage and grow their businesses at Do Space:

  1. Getting started.
    You’ve got the big idea, now what? For starters, head to Do Space for the tools and resources to get your new business off the ground. Use our ultra-fast internet to conduct market and competitor research, register your business name with your state agency and find templates online to help you write your business plan. We also have printers, scanners, and copiers to help you maximize your productivity.

  1. Design marketing materials.
    The best way to add legitimacy to your fledgling business is with sharp-looking marketing materials. Use our Adobe creative software like Illustrator and InDesign to make a business card, flyer or brochure. You can even enroll in a free workshop to learn how to code and design your own business website.

  1. Set up accounting with QuickBooks.
    Since you’re just starting out, it’s likely you haven’t hired a CPA yet. And that’s okay. At Do Space, you can learn to use QuickBooks to better manage sales and income, keep track of bills and expenses, run payroll, and even simplify taxes. Just attend a free workshop hosted by SCORE, a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground. Keep an eye on our calendar page for the next QuickBooks workshop.

  1. Connect over video conference.
    Whether you need to speak to an out-of-state investor or a vendor who lives on the other side of the globe, our video conferencing capabilities make it a snap to connect with your business contacts.

  1. Trade ideas with fellow entrepreneurs on Coworking Fridays.
    Every Friday, entrepreneurs from all over Omaha come to Do Space to network, exchange ideas and learn from each other in a relaxed and casual environment. We’re also a meetup location for 1 Million Cups, a weekly gathering in which one entrepreneur from the Omaha startup community gives a six-minute presentation about their experience starting and growing their company. Who knows, you might just meet your next business partner at Do Space.

  1. Beat back the afternoon munchies.
    You’ve been cranking on your project for the last several hours when suddenly you realize your body (and mind) needs a sweet recharge. Pop next door to Dunkin’ Donuts and grab yourself an afternoon coffee or treat to help you power through the next few hours.

Whether you’re an up-and-coming entrepreneur or seasoned business veteran, Do Space should be your go-to source for all your business needs. For more information, visit DoSpace.org or stop by our location at 72nd and Dodge streets and sign up for a free membership.

About Author
Jessica Johnson, Director of Community Learning
Jessica Johnson is a librarian by trade and an enthusiast of all things handmade. When not at work, she can be found retouching old furniture, curating Internet memes and spoiling her backyard chickens in Elkhorn, Nebraska.