Art-ober 2022

For the month of October, you can join us in doing the 31-day art challenge. Use equipment and software at Do Space or anything of your own to create a different project each day based on the prompt sheet below.



Brush Ninja Tutorial
Adobe Illustrator Pen/Transform Tutorial
Making Monsters with iPad & Stylus

Art-related hardware and software available at Do Space:

28″ Microsoft Surface Studio 2
Adobe Creative Suite, including Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects
iPad with Stop Motion Studio
iPad with Crayon or iPad with Pencil and the following apps:
Adobe Fresco: Sketch & Draw
Adobe Illustrator: Graphic Art
Adobe Photoshop
Hello Color Pencil
Taysasui Sketches School
Wacom Intuos Pro
Wacom One
Artie the programmable robot
Epson V600 Flatbed Scanner, for scanning your art

Certain items may require you to place a hold in advance. Click here to learn more about our equipment.

Open source or cloud-based software and apps to try from home:

Gimp image manipulation software
Inkscape, open source vector software
Blender 3D open source cad software
Tinkercad, web-based drag and drop 3D design software
Brush Ninja Classic, gif creator
Wickeditor, a web-based gif creator
Pixilart, for drawing retro computer-style art with pixels

There are thousands of other apps and websites available.  Share the name of the software, website, or app you used to create any of your Art-ober prompts to encourage others to try new things. Be sure to share your projects on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok), tag us, and use the hashtag #DoSpaceArtober2022.