What started out in 2004 as a young man trying to help his cousin with math has grown into one of the most well-known and well-funded free online tutorial sites on the web. Khan Academy (khanacademy.org) initially started as a series of YouTube videos posted by Sal Khan to provide tutoring to an ever-growing number of family members looking for help. Today, Khan Academy has exp.anded to include computer coding, science and engineering, even free SAT prep. In all, Khan Academy offers over 4,000 tutorials. (Including the math tutorials Bill Gates used to help his own kids!) After completing a tutorial, users take an online test to evaluate their skills which notes not only the correct answers but gives advice on how to improve and offers encouragement.

Free online resources like Khan Academy are a great addition to the classes and mentoring opportunities available at Do Space. You can find a link to khanacademy.org from our Resources page.


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Karen Lalley is a Part-Time Community Technologist. She really enjoys seeing young members' eyes light up at all the cool things available at Do Space. Karen was raised in Omaha but spent a decade in the South, which is why she uses both "pop" and "y'all