The Do Space staff has a wealth of knowledge regarding technologies beyond those that we offer here at Do Space but still might be of interest to our members. Here Membership Clerk Eric Hartel introduces us to DTG printing.

For individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit, direct-to-garment (DTG) printing can offer a world of business opportunities. These opportunities range from simple marketing initiatives to starting a complete clothing line. So, what is DTG printing; you ask? Essentially, DTG printing is the process of printing directly on textile substrates using special, digital inkjet technology. Primarily, it presents as an excellent option for entrepreneurs with clear advantages in low-cost setups and instantaneous turnaround times.

The first commercially available DTG printer was based on concepts by Matthew Rhome.  Mr. Rhome spent many years on printer development and later applied for the United States DTG printing patent. Since the US patent was submitted in July 1996 (granted in August 2000),  DTG ink performance has improved greatly. Additionally, DTG’s overall ink costs have shown marked price reductions. Plus, the images produced on DTG printers are much more precise than conventional screen printing methods. Hence, it is for these factors that DTG is considered to be cutting-edge print technology.

Entrepreneur Considerations:

  • Imagine being able to print your own textile giveaways!!
  • Consider the ability to involve your patrons in giveaway or promotion creation
  • What if you could create concepts for a full clothing line to present to clients and funding institution

Markets and Niches:

Fishing is a great activity that easily lends itself to fun, engaging DTG t-shirt projects. Fishing t-shirts could be for casual hobby enthusiasts or for fishing competitions, outdoor events, sporting goods stores, etc.

Music is also a popular genre for DTG t-shirts serving as band merchandise. Country Rap, Salsa, Dubstep, Rock; you name it -they all need promotional material.

Charity is another great source for DTG t-shirt programs to promote local drives, walks, picnics, etc. Participants love the custom material show to off their pride and support. Consider the ability to allow event participants the ability to individually customize their own shirts!!!

Shows and Trade Events is yet another way for a DTG t-shirt program to shine. Imagine the possibilities for entrepreneurs leveraging DTG t-shirts in antique shows, car shows, and corporate events.

The possibilities with DTG printing are endless and it is truly exciting!

About Author
Eric Hartel
I am Membership Clerk here at DoSpace, a perpetual learner, and a technology enthusiast. I'm currently attending the Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program at College of St. Mary's as well. I also enjoy learning about nutrition & biochemistry as it relates to my lifelong fitness goals --However, I cannot resist the power of pizza!! :)