What is a Maker Faire? And why should you care?

You may have heard us mention we’re hosting a Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, April 15, from 9 AM to 4 PM. But are you still wondering what a Maker Faire is?

Let’s start here with a brief history (including video) from MakerFaire.com.

Our version is called a Mini Maker Faire. It’s the community-based version of Make Media’s flagship and regional events. What this means is that the Mini Maker Faire hosted by MCC and Do Space is perfect for YOU!

Do you cosplay? Use a Raspberry Pi to play retro video games? Use a laser cutter to create wedding invitations or beard-themed vinyl stickers? 3D print fidget spinners? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should register as a Maker and show us your work! No age requirements!

If you didn’t answer yes to any of those questions, you should know that those are real-life examples of the cool things members are creating at Do Space every day! Wouldn’t you like them to show off their talents? And wouldn’t you like to come see them for FREE?

Makers, register here.

Future makers and other interested parties, join us on Saturday, April 15th, and be inspired.


About Author
Felicity White, Community Learning Specialist
Felicity is a Community Learning Specialist at Do Space where she teaches Littles Lab programs. Her favorite recent quote comes from a young member touring the 3D Lab: "What? Lasers are real?!"