If we really wanted to get nerdy about wearable technology (and we do), we’d point out that wearable tech has been around for thousand of years. The first fibers woven to create cloth were (1) wearable and (2) a new technology for the time. Down through history, wearable technology continued to advance as blacksmiths hammered out armor to when Elizabeth I of England received one of the first wristwatches (described as an “arm clock”) in 1571.

Today, we’re at the start of the next wearable tech revolution. Smart watches will continue to get smarter, sending your doctor important vital signs, they could even signal your most creative part of the day based on personal bio data. Technology always shrinks in size, so imagine performance clothing with smart fibers that work like vents, adjusting heat and airflow based on body temp and outside conditions.

As a thought exercise, place the word “smart” in front of clothing items and start creating new possibilities. This is where technology is headed—we’re living in a time were science fiction is going to be more and more like science fact.

Wired.com – The Future of Wearable Tech

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