We use Google Drive behind the scenes at Do Space and one of the things I’ve always wished I could do was put a file into multiple folders but without creating an extra copy of the file. For example, I want to be able to find that statistics spreadsheet about 3D lab useage in both my 3D Lab folder and in my Stats folder. But if I made a copy for each folder, then if I updated one, the other would be out of date. Well, turns out this is completely possible!

The short version: select the file in question, press SHIFT+Z, and an “Add to folder” option will appear. Just select the folder you’d like to add it to and click Add. Presto, you can now find the single document in two (or more) places. 

For me this is quite literally life-changing when it comes to my workflow.

For more details on other things you can do with this new-found skill, check out the full article from Labnol.org.

About Author
Michael Sauers, Technology Manager
Michael Sauers is currently the Director of Technology for Do Space in Omaha, NE. Michael has been training librarians in technology for the past twenty years and has published more than 14 books on technology and other topics.