Last week I talked about the Mobility Center in Windows and it’s importance when it comes to presenting. This week it’s the Mac’s turn.

When it comes to the Mac, the key is a little known do not disturb feature hiding under Notifications. To find it open System Preferences and then click Notifications. Next, in the Do Not Disturb tab, check “When mirroring to TVs and projectors.” From this point forward whenever you connect to an external display, wether via wire or wirelessly, all of your notifcations will be disabled.

When you’re done presenting, no need to switch it back, just disconnect from your external display and your notications will start right up again.

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Michael Sauers, Technology Manager
Michael Sauers is currently the Director of Technology for Do Space in Omaha, NE. Michael has been training librarians in technology for the past twenty years and has published more than 14 books on technology and other topics.