The Zortman family volunteered at the Do Space Grand Opening.Our lives revolve around technology. I work from home as a writer, my 15 year old lives to design apps, my 14 year old socializes at all hours via her phone and my 12 year old engulfs himself in the fantasy world of video games. Our family time could consist only of us urgently staring at our glowing screens if I didn’t do something about it.

There had to be a better way!

Then I saw that Do Space was coming to Omaha. It has something for each of us and I knew we would become frequent visitors; but I wanted more. I wanted my youngest to grow his social skills that having Autism Spectrum Disorder had made so difficult. I wanted to challenge my oldest son with access to the latest software to help him continue to pursue his dreams. I wanted to see my daughter turn away from her texting and towards her fellow women to share her technology passions.

But most of all, I just wanted to spend some precious family time with my children. As family volunteers we get the best of everything. I get to watch my children learn responsibility, gain confidence, and grow their passions. Plus, we also get to hang out together as a family and have fun in a new and exciting way.

To us, DoSpace is more than just a cool digital library: it’s another great source of quality family time.



About Author
Lindsay Zortman, Do Space Volunteer

Lindsay is a full-time freelance writer, novelist, and mom.