The Nebraska Library Association (NLA) held its joint conference with the Nebraska School Library Association this past week. The NLA Conference is a chance for librarians across the state to come together and share ideas about library programs and services, including technology-based programs. Because Do Space is a public space and a technology library, it seems appropriate to share some one the cool things I discovered while I was there–WearTec!.

WearTec is a project supported by 4H to develop a wearable technology curriculum. Wearable tech is a type of circuitry that is incorporated into fashion and other textile projects. Giving students something hands-on to show their progress is a great incentive to learn about circuitry and programming.

WearTec teaches students through a series of increasingly challenging projects including a light up card, a stuffed animal with light up eyes and a banner that has sound and lights. For the most part, these projects require cheap components, the main cost comes from the curriculum pack.

Wearable technology is something Do Space has embraced. Teen Hackers devoted a couple sessions to using electroluminescent wire and copper tape. In Junior Makers and Big Littles Lab programs at Do Spac, EL wire and copper tape have been key components in such projects as electric origami and paper circuits.

The Columbus Public Library also offers tech kits to their teens. Among other things, they have MakeyMakey, Sphero and Cubelets, which are also available here at Do Space. It’s great to see other libraries doing some of the things we do here, and makes me feel like we’re on the right track with the technology we offer to the community!

We’re also proud to have hosted part of the NLA Pre-Conference (image above) and we hope those that participated had a good time. We’d love to see you again and hear about the ways Do Space inspired you!


About Author
Caitlin Lombardo, Community Learning Specialist
Caitlin is a graduate of UIowa and Mizzou but can be convinced to root for the Huskers. She is a librarian by education but feels right at home in Do Space as a Community Learning Specialist. She works to bring tech education to our youth programming in new and interesting ways.