The internet has proven to be a vital resource for entertainment and productivity during these times of isolation and social-distancing. After a long day of remote-work, and perhaps teaching and parenting, it can feel good to shut down the computer and relax. 

But with gloomy weather and limits on gatherings, what else is there to do besides sit in front of a screen? This blog shares some fun, easy ways to tap into your creativity (and feel productive). Put your mind and hands to work, and take a break from technology!

1. Give an old book new life.

Grab an old book that you have no intention of rereading and make it your personal work of art! Do blackout poetry on one page, paint another, and make the third a collage! Some artists like to use this as a way to journal, while others are lackadaisical with their creations. There is no right or wrong way to go about it.

Find inspiration HERE 

2. Revisit family photo albums.

Practice your storytelling skills by recounting the tales behind some old photos. Enjoy the tactile satisfaction of turning pages and holding photos, coupled with the nostalgia and joy of the stories behind them. If your family albums are overflowing, consider culling your collection and adding photos to your altered book!

Find inspiration (for organizing/cleaning through photos) HERE

3. Host a friendly drawing competition.

If you have children at home, consider setting up a friendly competition to see who can render the most convincing works of art. Sitting down to draw may not be engaging for all kids, so adding a slight competitive element may keep them engaged for longer. Plus, anyone can join! (Who do you think draws a better monkey, you or your child? There’s only one way to find out!) Save supplies by limiting the size of the drawings and how long each round of drawing lasts. 

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