In 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration released regulations for flying drones under 55 pounds. There are a lot of restrictions for these drones such as that your drone cannot exceed 100 miles per hour when in flight, but you can become a registered drone pilot at 16 years old! At just 16 years old, you could start a career with drones.

Over 10,000 jobs with drones are expected to be created in the next ten years. Many of these jobs include piloting drones for photography, filmmaking, real estate, security, and more. A few universities have been preparing for the future job market by offering drone training like Oklahoma State University. If you are interested in getting training, it may cost you a bit. Colleges charge their regular credit hour price for this course. However, you could try teaching yourself and get the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle pilot certification for $150, but we can’t guarantee that would be easy.

If you are interested in learning about jobs with drones, you can take our Why I Love Drones 101: Job Creation class at Do Space. Ean Mikale of Infinite 8 Institute will discuss local, national, and global opportunities for unmanned aerial vehicles and how you can get in on this new and exciting career opportunity. Join Ean at Do Space on Thursday, July 26 at 6:30pm for his class. Register at www.dospace.org/events!

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