Sod houses don’t get a lot of credit for innovation, but they played an important role for pioneers. Without trees, sod from thickly rooted prairie grass was the next best thing. They were cheap and were warm in the winter. The “soddy” kept families alive.

So why mention sod houses in a technology blog? Because they represent the initial hurdles of pursing a big dream. Before you can build a city on the prairie, you need a few folks in sod houses to break ground, then few years of successful farming, then a few people who can build roads, then a few more people who build wood homes and the cycle repeats until paved roads, sanitation and schools appear.

Google and Facebook were once dreams, but they didn’t appear fully built in a week, or even a year. They were built by completing small goal after small goal—sometimes very unglamorous work.

So what’s your big dream? And what’s your sod house?

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