Around 59% of older Americans have joined the Internet revolution and regularly go online, according to research. And they aren’t just popping online now and again, 71% go online every day or almost every day. Technology is now a daily part of life and older adults have not been ignoring it. Seniors may be slower than younger generations to embrace new technology, but an increasing number are realizing the benefits of being able to have information and social connections at their fingertips.

The vast majority of seniors are using technology to research health, wellbeing and lifestyle topics and engage with health improvement programs. They are also using technology to review their finances, research life insurance information and keep in touch with their local community.

Senior-Friendly Apps

One of the great booms to the technology market is the huge array of apps now available. While some may have been designed with older users in mind, many are useful for people of all ages. With 77% of older people now owning a smart phone, these apps can help with everyday activities, keep people healthy and be fun to use.

Here are just a few of the popular apps that older people are now downloading:

  • Magnifying Glass with LightThis free app magnifies and illuminates anything you need it to from books to newspapers.
  • SkypeYou can set up Skype on your computer or tablet and chat to family and friends ‘face to face’. A great tool for people who have family and friends that live far away.
  • PillboxiePut this on your iPhone or iPad to manage your medications. You can even set up helpful reminders, so you should never miss a dose.
  • Crosswords ClassicKeep your brain active with this crossword puzzle app.
  • Sudoku: A great brain teaser to play on the go or to just keep the mind sharp.
  • Red Panic Button: With this app, seniors can put in the contact information of a friend or relative and if there’s an emergency, they just need to open the app and press the red button on the screen.

And with the Internet bursting with tech hacks and tips, from making the font bigger to maximizing memory space on your chosen device, there are less and less barriers for seniors to embrace the technology revolution.

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