This past semester I had the opportunity to be Do Space’s marketing intern and while I knew it would offer some first-hand experience with marketing and social media, I had no idea all the new skills I would gain in just a few short months. Do Space is truly a one of a kind place in that not only do they grant free access to technology and offer a variety of programming to community members, but the staff and volunteers are an incredible group of people who are always willing to offer advice and support. They go above and beyond in making the Do Space machine run and though my time here was brief, they made an appreciated effort to include me and make me feel like part of the team.

Do Space was a great place to intern and I would recommend it to any college student looking for an internship. I was able to learn about things like Digital Press Rooms, Live Tweeting, Social Media engagement, competitive benchmarking, and I even picked up some coding skills. I also gained a lot of experience creating content for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram which was cool because I then got to study content engagement to see what connected with people and what didn’t. There was a variety of projects for me throughout my internship so I by never felt like I was doing the same thing over and over again and I was constantly learning and fine-tuning skills. I really got to know the Do Space brand well during my time here and being able to work in the space was really inspiring.

Every day I was surrounded by Do Space members who were doing incredible things with the technology available to them. Part of my job as the marketing intern was to manage the “Humans of Do Space” blog series. The series highlights members who are doing cool things in the space and I was able to share their stories with the community. Being around so many creative and intelligent people really inspired me in my own work and it felt good to know I was a part of it.

It will take some getting used to, not having Do Space as a part of my daily schedule, but it certainly has become near and dear to my heart. I couldn’t have asked for a better internship. I gained so much experience, met a lot of incredible people, and really learned a lot about where I want to go on my future career path. Omaha, you have an incredible gem in Do Space and I hope you all take advantage of it.

It has been a pleasure Do Space, thank you for everything.

About Author
Taylor Enderle
Taylor Enderle is our Marketing Intern at Do Space. She is currently a student at Creighton University and in her free time she enjoys hiking, cooking recipes she finds on Pinterest, and reading a good book.