Do Space has the droid that you’re looking for! BB-8 is now available for checkout as a technology kit. The kit includes BB-8, the adorable new droid featured in Star Wars Episode VII, and an android tablet with the BB-8 Sphero application ready to go.

With all the personality of its movie character, BB-8 rolls, beeps, and swivels its magnetic head. You can chose to drive it around Do Space through the drive function in the BB-8 sphero application. Or you can even record and view virtual holographic messages utilizing BB-8 and the android tablet. What adventures will you and BB-8 have at Do Space?

BB-8 Tech Specs

  • Compatible with both iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Can move at a speed of 4.5 mph (or 7ft per second)
  • Bluetooth connection with a 100 foot range
  • Durable polycarbonate shell
  • Internal guidance system with gyroscope and accelerometer
  • A height of 11.4 cm and a weight of around 200 grams.
  • Adorable

Members must have a Technology Borrower Agreement on file to check out equipment and tech kits at Do Space. A photo ID is required when initially signing the agreement.


About Author
Tacoma Tomilson, Community Technologist

Tacoma Tomilson is a Community Technologist for Do Space and a graduate of San Jose State University. On the weekends, she exchanges her Do Space cardigan for a USAFR flight suit.