In the spirit of the “Humans of New York” photo series and social media phenomenon, Do Space is inspired to work with staff and volunteers to create a “Humans of Do Space” series that shares the stories of our members, volunteers, users, and staff. The goal of this effort it to capture the people that are using the space and how it affects their lives. What does it allow them to do? What does it allow them to make? How are people using the space to overcome obstacles and get things done?

Today we are pleased to introduce you to Kindsey Rowe. Kindsey is originally from St. Louis but currently resides in Omaha with her eleven-year-old son Jackson. She is passionate about learning and trying new things, and she loves anything that promotes good health and wellbeing.

Kindsey has always had a love of art, information, and technology. She and her son discovered Do Space this summer when they were looking for a fun, safe environment to spend time at due to Kindsey’s health and Jackson’s summer vacation. Kindsey signed Jackson up for one of our Maker classes and the rest, as they say, was history. The pair kept coming back to try out different classes, tech kits, and they finally worked their way up to the 3D lab equipment.

Humans of Do Space: Kindsey Rowe

What Does Do Space Mean to You?

I’m not sure what we would have done all summer if Do Space wasn’t here. It has meant a lot to us. I think it is great that not only are there computers to use to access information, but there are tech kits and equipment and graphics programs to design things with so if you like to be creative the Do Space has everything you need.

What Have You Been Able To Accomplish At Do Space?

I didn’t really have an exact plan when we started. My son went to the Maker classes, the Easy Electronics class, checked out a lot of the Tech Kits like the Double Robot and the Sphero, checked out laptops, played the video games in the Teen Room, and made new friends. Together we checked out the DaVinci XYZ 3D printer. I signed up for the 3D Lab Crash Course where they went over how to use the Vinyl Cutter, the 3D Printer, and the Laser Cutter. I learned to use the vinyl cutter eventually after several tries, and cut some adhesive backed vinyl “Splatoon” stickers that I put on drinking glasses for my son. We have accomplished a lot more than I thought just looking back at it all because we did a little bit every time we came in and that added up over the summer.

How Does Do Space Empower You To Grow Either Individually Or Grow Your Company?

Do Space is helping empower the wellbeing of us as a family, and giving us the opportunity to be creative together and try things we would not otherwise be able to do. It is connecting us with the community and new friends, and even though I have been out of work and struggling this year I can look back and still say I was able to learn and do a lot I did not ever do before.

What Tools And Resources Are You Using At Do Space?

We are using the iMacs, the Adobe Creative Suite software programs, the 3D Lab equipment, the iSense scanner, the tech kits, the Macbooks and Chromebooks available for checkout, the hard copy and electronic manuals, the video gaming system in the teen room, the free classes, and Robert and Matt’s mentoring assistance on the 3D lab equipment.

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