In the future, everyone will need to know how to write code. Join me at Do Space for a FREE workshop which provides an overview of Bricklayer – a freely-available online educational ecosystem designed to teach coding to people of all ages and coding backgrounds. Learn algorithms for creating tessellations and fractals using actual LEGO bricks. If you run out of real LEGO bricks, you can use a Bricklayer web app to create these patterns manually (using mouse clicks) in the virtual world of the computer where you will never run out of virtual LEGO bricks! If your finger gets tired of clicking the mouse, you can write Bricklayer programs to automatically create your pattern.

This workshop held December 8th at 4:30 or December 11 at 1PM gives the basics of writing Bricklayer programs. And most importantly, we will show you how to use the Bricklayer website to develop your coding skills on your own.

About Author
Jennifer Winter, Guest Blogger from Bricklayer

Jennifer Winter is a passionate homeschool mom who manages the day to day operations of Bricklayer.org. Her background includes managing an accounts payable department for a large medical non-profit organization and serving for multiple years as finance chair for an IEEE international conference. Prior to homeschooling, Ms. Winter was involved with PTA, coordinating events and fundraisers for kids, and has spent considerable time volunteering in elementary school classrooms, including the very first bricklayer.org coding club.