Make Omaha is a FREE family-friendly, innovative, and technology showcase celebrating local tech-driven makers, inventors, and businesses who are using state-of-the-art tools in their work.


Meet Amanda Sweet with Meaningful Impact Hub

Introduce Yourself! – Who are you, and what does your organization do?

My name is Amanda Sweet, and I started the Meaningful Impact Hub (MIH) to help people find meaningful work that makes the world better. We all know the world needs to change. Housing costs are rising, wildfires continue to burn, worsened by extreme drought, and a whole mess of big, systemic problems keep people awake at night. People find meaning in being part of the solution, but most don’t know how to help, or where to start.

What do you make?

We help people make meaning out of chaos. Check out the website: https://meaningfulimpacthub.com/

What are you planning to show at Make Omaha?

Play with our interactive map of the Wildfire Ecosystem, powered by data science. Take an interactive Innovation Story Walk to understand how problems like wildfires turn into jobs, and technology is changing the future of work. End your walk by navigating a robot through a maze using voice commands. How would you use tech to do some good in the world?

What are you looking forward to seeing at Make Omaha from other participants?

I hope the R2D2 robot makes an appearance. Mostly, I would like to see tech that applies to community problems or local industries, in combination with cool learning projects or tutorials.

What tech/maker-type stuff are you interested in getting in the future?

Data science visualization tools, advanced mapping software like ArcGIS, or the DoBot Magician (AI-powered robot arm for education)

Come see Amanda and all our other makers at Make Omaha on Saturday, October 8th from 10am – 3pm!

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Rachel Drietz, Operations Manager