Make Omaha is a FREE family friendly, innovation and technology showcase celebrating local tech-driven makers, inventors and businesses who are using state-of-the-art tools in their work.


Meet Makayla Harrison, Founder of ArtisScience22

Introduce Yourself! – Who are you and what do you do for fun/work/education, etc?

ArtisScience22 is a art & technology platform that creates content & immersive technology. I make content about entrepreneurship, self-discovery, cultural value & renewable sustainable technology & lifestyle using paintings, led wall art, & virtual & augmented reality or immersive technology all as mediums to create experiences to further our potential through art & technology!

What do you make?

L.e.d Wall Art, Cardbard Virtual & Augmented Reality Headset(Hardware), Acrylic Paintings & Content for Immersive Technology (software).

What are you planning to show at Make Omaha?

L.e.d Wall Art,  a cardboard augmented & virtual reality headset, and an Oculus Quest Virtual Reality headset.

What are you looking forward to seeing at Make Omaha from other participants?

Innovation. People using creativity to solve problems big & small with using tech as a medium to do so. Technology is a new medium of expression. This unique community of creators need to come together & grow & support each other.

What tech/maker-type stuff are you interested in getting in the future?

Making more unique hardware & software to be able to solve curtain issues in the industry & with-in different communities. As in deals with immersive technology: virtual reality (VR) augmented reality (AR) mixed reality (MR) & extended reality (XR).

Anything else you’d like to add?

Visit my instagram Instagram.com/artisscience22 to learn more.

Come see Makayla and all our other makers at Make Omaha on Saturday, March 14th from 10am – 3pm!

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Kimberly Hwa Davis, Community Learning Specialist
Kim is a Community Learning Specialist for the Do Space team. She leads Littles Lab and Junior Makers programs.