The Lightbot and Lightbot Jr. apps are mobile device and online games for preschoolers recently featured during Hour of Code (available for IOS and Android). Like similar apps designed to teach children how to code, Lightbot introduces kids to critical thinking skills through gamification.

The Lightbot lives in a world of tiles and when he lands on a blue tile he needs to light it up. Kids learn that robots can only respond to very specific, very simple instructions one at a time by giving directions for Lightbot to go forward, turn right, turn left, jump, etc.

In Littles Lab programming we try to connect apps and games to real-world experiences. This not only helps solidify the concept we’re exploring but also establishes a good habit for future tech interaction. To understand the Lightbot game better, we taped life-sized tiles on our Littles Lab carpet and took turns pretending to be Lightbot responding to cards that matched the game directions: forward, turn, jump.

We run a program similar to this one every Tuesday and Saturday morning for preschoolers. And we’re also opening up to early childhood center tours (including a private Littles Lab program) on Thursday mornings. Registration required under EVENTS.

Felicity is a Community Learning Specialist at Do Space. Her favorite work day includes a crowded Littles Lab program. Her favorite day off includes coffee and books and a walk through her neighborhood.

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Felicity White, Community Learning Specialist
Felicity is a Community Learning Specialist at Do Space where she teaches Littles Lab programs. Her favorite recent quote comes from a young member touring the 3D Lab: "What? Lasers are real?!"