Playaway Launchpads are Android tablets pre-loaded with educational apps and games. You can find these tablets in our Littles Lab and you do not need to check these out at our Help Desk.

We have four different themed Launchpads, on each tablet you can:

Little Steam Engine

  • Explore aspects of science, from baking to outer space
  • Learn early programming
  • Develop Observation Skills
  • Improve memory and attention span

Built From Scratch

  • Introduce yourself to Scratch
  • Create your first Scratch project
  • Make games
  • Share Scratch projects

Fast Thinker!

  • Learn reading fundamentals
  • Explore math concepts
  • Experiment with shapes and colors
  • Experience fun-filled daily routines

Problem Solver

  • Play and build your way through puzzles and games
  • Explore force, acceleration, gravity, and more
  • Practice various math disciplines

These tablets are designed for ages 5 -10, but older kids who may not have experience in the areas listed above are welcome to try them out.

About Author
Ruth Williams, Community Learning Specialist
Ruth is a Community Learning Specialist at Do Space who loves contributing to the growing tech community in Omaha. When not working at Do Space, She is working on interactive digital media projects or discovering new restaurants in Omaha area.