Do you want to sharpen your technical skills?

Gain a new job skill?

A little worried about leaving your house to do so?

It’s okay. We’ve got you covered. Because the uncertainty surrounding in-person meetings this summer, we’re taking Hello Code on-line for both the June and July cohorts and you can apply now!

Hello Code is for adults interested in exploring career options in the tech industry. It provides a low-barrier entry to experimenting with computer programming by building a website over the course of five weeks. Students attend five online classes on Sunday morning from 10:00AM to 12:00PM, and complete online assignments during the week.

Our summer cohorts runs from June 14th to July 19th and July 26th to August 23rd. Our application this year is a rolling application. It is currently open and you are welcome to apply for both summer and fall cohorts. Accepted applicants for the June cohort will be notified by June 10th. Accepted applicants for the July cohort will be notified by July 15th.

Hello Code is completely free, and the application process is extremely competitive. We typically get more than twice the number of applicants as we have spots available, so please make sure you spend some time telling us why you want to learn programming and how you can benefit from it when you apply.

About Author
Brie Alsbury, Community Learning Specialist
Brie is a Community Learning Specialist with degrees in art from UNO and Iowa State University. When she's not working with computers, she writes and draws comics.