The Raspberry Pi is a single board computer or SBC in the grand tradition of using initialisms in technology. The Raspberry Pi is designed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a UK based charity, and is produced by their partner companies. The Raspberry Pi foundation itself works in the interest of producing low-cost computer equipment for education. Here at Do Space, we like their equipment because it is very flexible and allows us the freedom to do all sorts of computing projects that would be difficult otherwise.

Our Raspberry Pi kit provides you with a Raspberry Pi SBC with a Linux operating system, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. From these pieces, you have the opportunity to use the computer to build software or use electronics hardware for your own creations. We do not currently provide any additional hardware but you may use the pre-installed software like C/C++, Python 2 and 3, and even Scratch block programming language. On top of the many tools that come pre-installed, you are able to install software from the repositories.

Be sure to check out our OverDrive library for books with lots of fun projects. This kit can prove a challenge as you will need to plan your own projects but when planning always keep in mind, it’s a computer! The Raspberry Pi is available for checkout inside of Do Space as part of our Technology Activity Kits.

About Author
Dale Kipple, Community Technologist
I am a community technologist at Do Space, Omaha. I have always been fascinated by computers and love to spend time out doors whenever I get the opportunity.