Attention animation enthusiasts and beginners, we have just released a new tech kit that may just pique your interests.

The HUE Animation Studio contains everything you need to create your very first stop-motion animation. The kit contains the HUE animation program, a how-to animate booklet, a USB camera, a green screen box, two stikbots, and play-doh. These props that come with the tech kit can help you recreate a scene from your favorite movie.

To get started, you plan out your animation short even before you arrive at Do Space by sketching out your ideas. After you have your idea fleshed out, you can start taking pictures of your props with our tech kit moving them a little between each picture you take. You could practice with the props we provide or bring in your own to create a very unique clip. If you want to see the program in action, check out some HUE animation tutorials here.

The tech kit also comes with a binder to help you get started. We recommend this kit for ages 6 and up. Young ones may need an adult with basic computer knowledge to help with the animation program. We suggest practicing taking pictures with the program before starting your epic animation.

To use the Hue Animation Studio kit, all you have to do is bring the tub labeled Animation Studio to the Help Desk and they’ll check it out to you.

About Author
Ruth Williams, Community Learning Specialist
Ruth is a Community Learning Specialist at Do Space who loves contributing to the growing tech community in Omaha. When not working at Do Space, She is working on interactive digital media projects or discovering new restaurants in Omaha area.