For her October wedding, Molly knew she wanted lace but it wasn’t fabric that she had in mind. She decided to merge her graphic design skills with Do Space’s laser cutting technology to create intricate and unique accents for her special day. Once she found the perfect lace detailing, it was time for the pin tool. While her graphic design experience prepared her for hours of work with Adobe Illustrator, the laser cutter was new territory for her. In order to master the cutter, Molly took a mentor session which gave her the skills to bring her vision to life.

Using the laser cutter, Molly was able to create multiple pieces for her wedding. There was no traditional guest book for her. Molly applied her lace design to a box filled with little hearts and laser cut an easel encouraging her guests to sign their names and drop them into the shadowbox she made with her and her new husband’s names. By doing this, she was able to create a fun way for guests to sign in. Molly also created a second easel which encouraged guests to write the newlyweds a note and put it in one of the numbered bottles surrounding the easel. The couple would then later read the notes on the anniversary that corresponded with the number of each bottle. Other projects she included was her beautiful cake topper, invitations, and thank you notes. The topper, invitations, and thank you notes fit seamlessly, carrying over the lace detailing and the hearts from the guest book.

Molly’s  project required a lot of hard work and at times frustration, but the end result turned out to be absolutely incredible! Her work also acts as an example of the limitless possibilities of the laser cutter. If you feel inspired by Molly’s project, stop by and learn how you can bring your idea to life too!

About Author
Taylor Enderle
Taylor Enderle is our Marketing Intern at Do Space. She is currently a student at Creighton University and in her free time she enjoys hiking, cooking recipes she finds on Pinterest, and reading a good book.