Do Space is always looking for new Tech Kits to add to our shelves. In July we’re introducing Cubetto, the friendly robot from Primo Toys that teaches coding without using screens.

We’ve been playing with Cubetto in Littles Lab programs since December and we think everyone should try it out! Cubetto moves like Bee Bot, a Littles Lab regular, but instead of programming with buttons on the robot, Cubetto has a program board and colorful blocks. Kids learn about sequencing, de-bugging programs, functions, and more. Perfect for preschoolers but lots of fun for early elementary students as well.

Start by reading the included Book 0: Instruction Book and Book 1: Cubetto’s First Day. Once kids learn the basics of how to program Cubetto by following the beautifully illustrated steps, you can release them to creative free-play. A graphic-rich play map provides endless opportunities for kids to explore Cubetto’s world while learning about their own.

Through July you can add an Explore stamp to your Summer Passport collection when you check out Cubetto! See you soon!


About Author
Felicity White, Community Learning Specialist
Felicity is a Community Learning Specialist at Do Space where she teaches Littles Lab programs. Her favorite recent quote comes from a young member touring the 3D Lab: "What? Lasers are real?!"