Looking for something new to try at Do Space? Check out one of our technology activity kits.

Filled with tech toys from robots to mini programmable computers, these kits are intended to be interactive for use by one person, a couple, or a whole group. With options for toddlers, teens and adults, everyone who visits Do Space is encouraged to experiment and explore with technology to learn new skills. Designed to be with played on your own, these kits include how-to instructions and ideas to encourage members to become hackers of the kits and tech inside.

Do Space is committed to keeping up with the latest technology for these kits and we are happy to announce that our Osmo kit has a new edition. The Osmo is the combination of an iPad app and tactile game. Players collaborate to spell words, solve tangram puzzles, and more. It is recommended for ages 5 and up, and now it has a pizza edition!

Pizza Co. teaches kids how to make change, how to follow a set of directions and recognizing facial and social queues. A character orders a pizza- sometimes with words and sometimes with pictures. Its up to you to make the matching pizza. There’s a line of customers but you also need to sell the pizza. If a patron waits too long they’ll leave without paying. Each satisfied customer earns you money to buy more ingredients. All in all a fun but fast-paced game. Without any background I got easily overwhelmed by the advanced level, therefore we recommend the Junior level for beginners.

To check out any Do Space tech kit, simply select and open the kit that interests you from either Littles Kits, Teen Tech or Hack-its. Each section is curated to different age groups (youth, teen and adults). Explore the information kit inside to see if the kit is a good fit for you, but you will need to finalize the checkout at the Tech Help Desk. Bring the kit box to the desk to get the final puzzle pieces that will unlock the potential inside. You will need a signed Technology Borrower Agreement on file in order to check out a kit. A photo ID will also be required.


About Author
Caitlin Lombardo, Community Learning Specialist
Caitlin is a graduate of UIowa and Mizzou but can be convinced to root for the Huskers. She is a librarian by education but feels right at home in Do Space as a Community Learning Specialist. She works to bring tech education to our youth programming in new and interesting ways.