The chip is a small single board computer similar to the Raspberry Pi and the Pine64 in function but scaled for mobility. That’s where the Pocket Chip comes in. The Pocket Chip is a full computer interface with keyboard, mouse in the form of a touch screen, audio out, and a USB2 port for connecting devices. On top of all that the Pocket Chip also has GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) ports along the top and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts quite a while thanks to the low power use of the Chip itself.


The Pocket Chip can be used for many of the same things that the aforementioned Raspberry Pi and Pine64 can with it’s debian based Linux operating system. Asside from the Linux repositories the chip also has software that it comes with like the PICO-8 game creation studio. With PICO-8 you can make small 8-bit programs, games usually, with graphics you design and coded in the LUA programing language. You can find more details about PICO-8 at their website here.

Let’s not forget Make Music (SunVox) the sound studio. SunVox provides the ability to create music with great tools for such a small device. Visit this page for a fun take on the software from Next Thing, the creators of the Pocket Chip. You can also visit this page for in depth tutorials on using SunVox.

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