Scratch is a simple coding platform to introduce anyone taking their first steps into the world of programming. Scratch helps its users to develop creative skills as they develop their programs and find solutions to problems they encounter. Scratch also helps users learn to think systematically the way that computers work.

With any programing language there are pre-existing functions and the ones yet to be created. The functions that already exist are great and allow you to do a lot but sometimes they aren’t exactly what you need so you and your creative mind need to make something new. There’s where the creative part comes in and the programer starts looking for new possibilities.


The type of ordered thought involved in computer programming helps us in other parts of our lives where the order in which we do things matters. Programming teaches us the subtleties that go into coming up with a plan of action and makes these processes go faster and smother.

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About Author
Dale Kipple, Community Technologist
I am a community technologist at Do Space, Omaha. I have always been fascinated by computers and love to spend time out doors whenever I get the opportunity.