“The future belongs to those who understand technology”… It is also important to know the harmful effects that improper electronics disposal has on our environment.

Cross Electronic Recycling is pleased to partner with Do Space, because we care about the environment and everyone who lives in it. On Saturday, September 2nd from 10am – 2pm we are hosting an electronics recycling event. Cross Electronic Recycling (Omaha’s only non-profit electronic recyclers) will be at Do Space to collect your obsolete, broken or unwanted electronics. Anything with a battery, motor or cord can be dropped off FREE of charge* (*Environmental fees charged for CRT items and alkaline batteries ).

Two facts about the growing e-waste issue in America: In 2009, discarded TV’s, computers, printers, scanners, fax machines, mice, keyboards, and cell phones totaled about 2.37 million short tons (This amount has GROWN INCREDIBLY since then). At that time in 2009 e-waste represented only 2% of trash in America’s landfills but equaled 70% of overall toxic waste. We are hosting this event to safely recycle and process your e-waste items.

While most items will be FREE to recycle, some items will have a modest environmental fee to cover costs only.

Environmental fees are as follows:

  • Bulk alkaline batteries are $1.20 per pound. We accept other batteries at no charge.
  • Microwaves are $20
  • CRT monitors are $10 each (up to 17”) Larger are $15.
  • All CRT & Big Screen Televisions are:
    • $20 up to 30”
    • $30 up to 40”
    • $40 up to 50”
    • $50 up to 60” and so forth.

Donations can be dropped off in the Do Space parking lot. Just look for the Cross Electronics Recycling truck!

About Author
Mike Bunach, Guest Blogger from Cross Electronic

Mike Bunach is the Business Relations Director for Cross Electronic Recycling. Learn more at www.crossrecycling.com