Many of our members already know that we have a Taz 5 3D printer for you to try your hand at 3D printing.  All you have to do to use it is reserve time on it when it’s available.  We also offer a minor selection of filaments at a cost of $0.05/gram.  However, did you know you are welcome to bring in your own filament?  

Below, I have some suggestions on what kind and where you can buy your own filament.  The list certainly isn’t exhaustive but it includes a couple local sources as well as some trusted online stores to point you in the right direction.  

What to know before you buy

  • The Taz 5 works best with 3 mm or 2.85 mm diameter filament.
  • Typical roll size is 1 kg
  • We usually get the Polymaker PLA offered through the Lulzbot store
  • If you’re looking to print in different colors without having to buy full rolls: Lulzbot offers 1/4 size rolls of PolyLite PLA for $9.95
  • PLA is more commonly used and works with our default settings on the Taz 5, it’s also the easiest filament to print for first time users.
  • ABS and PETG are more durable materials but require higher temps.  ABS is more prone to warping, especially if the fan is left on or the printer isn’t enclosed (to prevent drafts).
  • Other filaments such as NinjaFlex, Nylon, Metal-filled and other exotics require a different print head, settings or print surface.  Please speak with Do Space staff before trying them.
  • Check out this link by Matterhackers for a comparison of different printing materials

Local Sources

Online Stores

About Author
Robert McCown, Community Technologist
Robert is a Community Technologist at Do Space from Lincoln. When he’s not tinkering with his 3D printers he’s making costumes, props, and butter passing robots.