Did you know September is International Save Your Photos Month?

At the Do Space Tech Desk, we get a lot of questions about saving, transferring, and storing photos. Sometimes staff or volunteers are available to offer tips or even work directly on the issue. Other times, it is clear the job the member is hoping to accomplish is too complex for us to address in that moment. Then our options are to suggest a Mentor Request or look for a class that might serve the member even better. What kind of class would we suggest? Well, since you asked!

Professional photo organizer Lisa Tonjes Moritz will be at Do Space for two Save the Memories programs – one on Sunday, September 4th at 1:00 PM and the other on Tuesday, September 20th at 10:00 AM.

If you have boxes full of old photos you’d like to preserve, this class can help! It’s the perfect program for seniors or anyone who considers themselves a beginner in the area of digital photo storage. In fact, the instructor will also be bringing information on some free photo scanning opportunities for attendees. Join us for either of the two programs and get those photos in order!

Sign up soon!

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Felicity White, Community Learning Specialist
Felicity is a Community Learning Specialist at Do Space where she teaches Littles Lab programs. Her favorite recent quote comes from a young member touring the 3D Lab: "What? Lasers are real?!"