Come to Do Space on December 28th and/or January 4th to test out your command of robotics with a variety of machines. We’ll have racetracks, wrestling rings, agility courses, and battle zones. You can also stop by for more traditional robotics like Bee-Bot or Dash and Dot.

Use Dash to drive through the course quickly and reach the end before anyone else.

Wrestling Ring:
Customize our Edisons to make the strongest wrestling robot. You may need to also think of a solution to keep the Edison in the ring longer than your opponents.

 Agility Course:
Program the Bee-Bot and Code-a-pillar to perform the fewest amount of commands to maneuver around obstacles quickly.

Battle Zone:
Build Lego WeDo 2.0 Bots and battle them against everyone else. You can try building a catapult Lego bot to take out your competition.

Be sure to come up with great plans to complete each course before you come!

About Author
Ruth Williams, Community Learning Specialist
Ruth is a Community Learning Specialist at Do Space who loves contributing to the growing tech community in Omaha. When not working at Do Space, She is working on interactive digital media projects or discovering new restaurants in Omaha area.