Color Muse

Have you ever wanted to match your clothes, accessories, furniture, or paint? Are you trying to get that good constant aesthetic? Well it’s 2019 and we have no excuse to not keep it poppin’ with Do Space’s new tech kit, the Color Muse!

This fun little contraption allows you to scan the color of any object and then give you precision data in whatever format strikes your fancy be it, CIE Lab, LCH, sRGB, HEX, and more. This allows you to match your favorite pair of of shoes to your new purse. This allows you to find and order specific items in exact color from stores such as Adidas, Calvin Klein, Old Navy, Nordstrom, Coach, Banana Republic, H&M, Gap, Gucci, Nine West, J Crew, Merona, DSW , LL Bean, Under Armour, and more.


You can even use this to import your colors into Adobe products to make creative new designs with the colors you have in front of you every day. And where better to do all this design work than at Do Space where we have the full Adobe suite on all of our machines.

About Author
Zach Bowen, Membership Clerk
Zach Bowen is a Community Technologist k at Do Space in Omaha. NE. He is currently getting his B.F.A in Theatre and Minors in Business Admin. and Marketing from Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, NE. He can usually be found with his camera in hand or reading a Star Wars book, or becoming the monster this 2019.