If you’re a dedicated member of the Do Space community, you may have noticed that we haven’t offered teen-specific programming recently.  The Do Space learning staff have been working on relaunching our programming with a focus on project challenges to tackle issues in our community, and we are proud to announce that it’s ready!

On Thursday, February 23rd at 5:00 PM we will be having the kick-off event for our new and improved teen programming.  After this first meetup we’ll meet every first and third Thursday of the month and tackle a project each month designed to improve life for us and others.  In addition, we are reaching out to members of Omaha’s tech and startup community to become involved as mentors and role models to challenge our group members to achieve more.

Topics for our first meeting will include:

  • Our Name! –  We’ve come up with a few, but we want the members to participate in what we’re calling our new endeavor!

  • Our Project!  – You can’t have  a program without people, and as such our first project is going to be in social media and branding ourselves.  We’ll learn how to stage a publicity campaign to get our community aware of the program, and track metrics on how successful we’ve been at getting the word out.

  • Our Structure! – Do we want to have officers?  If so, how do they get elected, and how long do they serve?  Is every other Thursday enough?  Too much?  We may not answer all of these questions immediately, but we will be thinking about them going forward.

We hope everyone who’s interested, be they teens, parents or members of the community will stop by to make their voice heard (and score some snacks!).  We’re very excited about this new chapter, and hope you will become a part of it.



About Author
Paul Wrider
After fourteen years working in the video game industry in New York, California and abroad, Paul and his wife have returned to their native Midwest. He currently works at Do Space as a Community Learning Specialist, teaching and learning alongside his Teen Hackers. When not at Do Space he is a freelance web developer and amateur furniture refinisher.