In Afternoon of Code, we will hone our skills using robots, computers, and unplugged activities for everyone ages 3 and up.  Anyone can begin coding with intuitive tutorials and a can-do attitude! Youth of all ages and their families are welcome! Whether you are new to coding or more advanced, we will have a little something for everyone.

A variety of computer games will be available to introduce beginners to coding as well as games that test the skills of even the most advanced kid coder.  We will be playing games offered by code.org, Scratch Jr., and CodeCombat. Computers and tablets will be provided. Our unplugged activity will include the mind-bending Gravity Maze. It’s a puzzle and logic game involving pieces that have to be moved around to make a path for a marble to reach its destination.  

We will also be featuring a few of our programmable robots. These include the Finch robots, Cubelets, and Code-a-pillar.  The Finch robots use block coding so you can make your Finch sing, dance, and move around the room. The Cubelets have snap together components that, when arranged in a certain order, complete certain tasks.  The Code-a-pillar is geared toward younger coders and is easy to use, making it the perfect first coding experience for any child!

This is all part of our Tech Safari Programming, where we will be offering a variety of exclusive summer programs.  They include: Afternoon of Code, Robot Rumble, Draw Up With 3Doodlers, Make it with Makey Makey, Circuit Jams, and Wearable Tech.  No registration is required for these programs and supervision is required for ages 11 and under. They will be offered every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon running from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm during the months of June and July.  Check out our calendar HERE

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Danielle Rein, Community Learning Specialist
Danielle is a Community Learning Specialist at Do Space who was born and raised in the Omaha area. In her free time, she can usually be found playing video games or reading.