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Date: Sunday, May 22, 2022
Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Location: ULS Laser Cutter/Etcher, Cricut Maker / Heat Press / Mug Press, Carvey, Glowforge Pro Laser Cutter/Etcher

Bring your materials and your questions!

So you've taken a training session, but you would like to be able to ask questions for your first project(s), or new types of projects? Register now! Whether your project is with the ULS, the Makerbot 3D printer, the Glowforge, the Cricut, or the Carvey, we will have staff on-hand to answer questions while you set up your project. If there are questions staff cannot answer, we will do our best to learn along with you.

Come with your file and/or your idea (ie: if you are attempting to turn open access clip-art into an engraveable file, want to print a small object from Thingiverse or other creative commons repositories of STL and SVG files, or need a bit of help editing a file you have purchased from a designer to use with the ULS). We will work with your file, and print what we can.  Smaller projects are encouraged.  DISCLAIMER: We cannot guarantee that all projects will be able to be printed during the session, but hope to get those projects ready to go for you to book more time.  Longer projects that would take the entire session will not be able to be printed at this time, but we can help get your file ready and give you a good estimate of how long the print will take.

This event is designed for people who have some idea of how to get started, and who have probably taken one of our optional training sessions in order to learn the basics and safety of the machines. 

Ages 18+

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